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Are you clenching / grinding your teeth?

What is teeth grinding?

Teeth grinding is the mechanical act of rubbing your teeth together in a back and forth movement while you sleep or when you are awake. Although this condition may affect some people during the day, most cases of teeth grinding occur at night.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know if they grind their teeth at night before being diagnosed by a dentist. Here are some signs and symptoms you can look for to find out if you are grinding your teeth:

  • Jaw pain in the morning
  • Damaged dental enamel
  • Earaches
  • Headaches

Only a dentist can confirm that teeth grinding is the cause of your problem and recommend an appropriate treatment method.

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Who suffers from bruxism in Montreal?

Although it is generally quite easy for a dentist to know that a person grinds their teeth looking at worn-out enamel, the underlying causes of grinding are more difficult to diagnose and treat. Most dentists are trained to treat the physical causes of grinding, such as misaligned teeth, but there is always the possibility that it is the patient’s lifestyle that may be a cause.

The psychological problems that are caused by teeth grinding are usually related to stress. Your dentist may refer you to a doctor who is more specialized in treating this type of problem if standard stress reduction methods are not effective.

How to treat teeth grinding in Montreal?

The treatment procedure to treat teeth grinding will be determined by the underlying cause of your problem as well as the severity of the damage found during your examination. In all cases, prevention is the main objective. A night protector installed on the front teeth can prevent teeth from grinding. These devices are available at the dentist and over the counter, but it is always advisable to get them from the Monk Dental center, since a good fit is necessary for them to work properly and help you correct your symptoms effectively.

Your Montreal dentist at the Monk Dental center will perform a dental and gum exam to check for signs of teeth grinding. If you have a malocclusion, your dentist may recommend a treatment to align your teeth.

Important Considerations Montreal Teeth Grinding

Earaches, depression, headaches, eating disorders and anxiety are among the most common symptoms of bruxism and often accompany health problems such as chronic stress and alcohol abuse. Only a qualified professional from the Monk Dental center can tell the difference between normal wear and tear, bruxism, excessive brushing, acidic soft drinks or even abrasive food.

The important thing is not to ignore your symptoms. People who grind their teeth are also likely to develop a more serious condition called temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), which causes jaw pain, tissue, and joint damage.

People who are prone to clenching and grinding their teeth can benefit from an occlusal plate. These are removable dental appliances that are carefully molded and used to protect your teeth. The team at the Monk Dental center will be happy to discuss the suitability of this treatment for you.

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