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Partial and Full Dentures In Montreal

How can Montreal dentures help me?

Your teeth help maintain your facial structure, facilitate your digestion and clear speech. When several or all your teeth are missing, these activities of your daily life will be negatively affected. A dental prosthesis can replace your missing teeth, restore your smile and self-confidence.

What are the different types of dental prostheses in Montreal?

Thanks to recent advances in dentistry, patients now have a wide range of dental treatments available to them. The Monk Dental center team will help you choose the best dental prostheses based on your lifestyle, needs and personal preferences.

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Montreal Complete Dental Prosthesis

A complete prosthesis will replace all your teeth with a set of false teeth mounted on an artificial gum, which will rest on your natural gums. When your gums are completely healed, your new prosthesis will be installed and adjusted. A removable complete prosthesis will have to be taken out and cleaned every night while a fixed complete prosthesis will be anchored and does not have to be removed.

Montreal Partial Prosthesis

If you still have most of your teeth, a partial prosthesis could replace your missing teeth. A partial prosthesis is similar to a bridge, but it is removable while a bridge is permanent. This prosthesis is held in place by hooks that are attached to adjacent teeth and must be removed and cleaned every night.

Flexible Partial Prosthesis Montreal

A flexible partial prosthesis and its hooks are made of a flexible material that folds when your mouth moves. The prosthesis and hooks are flesh-colored to blend with your natural teeth and must be removed and cleaned daily.

Montreal Prosthesis on Implant

In this case, a prosthesis is attached to implants in your mouth and it is usually placed in the lower jaw, which requires more stability than the upper jaw. This prosthesis must also be removed and cleaned every day.

How can I get dental prostheses in Montreal?

Your dentist will work with you to choose a quality dental prosthesis that suits your needs and lifestyle. He will take the impressions and measurements of your teeth and gums so that your new prosthesis fits perfectly with your anatomy.

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