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Wisdom teeth are the last four top and bottom molars located at the back of your mouth. These usually develop after adolescence (late adolescence or early twenties) and can often cause alignment problems, infections, and other potentially painful and very uncomfortable problems.

Why do wisdom teeth have to be removed in Montreal?

When wisdom teeth start piercing the gums and growing, the four different teeth may do so normally and without discomfort, but it is common for at least one or two of them to be slanted or grow in completely. This suboptimal growth causes the displacement of other teeth, resulting in potentially damaging oral problems and pain. Anatomically, there is simply not enough space in our mouth to comfortably accommodate the four wisdom teeth as is.

In most cases, wisdom teeth will be extracted to avoid damaging your mouth, jaw and your other teeth.

What damage can wisdom teeth cause?

  • Dental Impairment
  • Infections of teeth and gums
  • Cysts
  • Severe pain in teeth, gums and mouth
  • Headaches
  • Facial discomfort

An impacted tooth is the most common problem with wisdom teeth and occurs when the growth process of the tooth is problematic. This may be due to a tooth that comes out only partially or that doesn’t grow in the right direction, resulting in a misalignment with the other teeth.

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When to have your wisdom teeth removed in Montreal?

Montreal Dentists at Monk Dental often recommend extracting wisdom teeth to avoid problems later on, even if you might not experience painful symptoms at the time of your visit. When your wisdom teeth start to grow, the tissues are still soft, which makes it easier to remove them. Once the tissues have hardened over time, extraction becomes more difficult and there is an increased risk of complications.

If your wisdom teeth have not been removed yet, chances are you may experience in the future some of the problems mentioned above. If you do, it is important to consult one of the dentists at Monk Dental center without delay to prevent your wisdom teeth from causing probable damage to the rest of your mouth.

Possible reasons why Montreal wisdom teeth should be removed:

Your wisdom teeth could:

  • Enter your mouth at an angle
  • Change your occlusion and smile
  • Become impacted
  • Partially exit through the gingival line
  • Cause you pain
  • Lead to repeated infections
  • Damage neighbouring teeth

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