Orthodontics Montreal

A beautiful smile is about confidence in yourself

One of the best decisions you can make with your Montreal dentist is to realign your teeth. This decision will provide you with many long-term benefits for your overall and dental health that will last the rest of your life. In addition, in recent years, many developments have helped orthodontic appliances become both cheaper and less visible.

Reasons why people consider orthodontic appliances

  • You have misaligned teeth
    Teeth can come out wrong because of mechanical reasons (such as wisdom teeth) or genetic factors. Orthodontic appliances can correct these misalignments by redirecting the affected teeth in a specific direction to create a more uniform smile.
  • You have occlusion or underbite problems
    Occlusion problems occur when the upper and lower teeth are not aligned correctly, resulting in one sliding against the other. Orthodontic appliances can be used to effectively align teeth to each other and avoid discomfort both in the morning and at rest.
Orthodontics Montreal

When should Montreal orthodontic treatment be started?

Healthy teeth can be moved at any age, so there is nothing like being too old for braces. It is never too late to correct a smile. Many of the patients who use orthodontic services in Montreal are adults who choose to invest today in the smile they have always wanted.

Early Orthodontic Treatment Montreal

It is recommended to do the first screening around the age of 7 to decide if an early treatment might be the right decision for your child. When early orthodontic work is required, our team will simply monitor the growth of your child’s teeth until the best time for treatment is determined. Early orthodontic treatment can be very beneficial for their future and usually begins around the age of 9 to 14 years when all the baby teeth have fallen and many permanent teeth have already appeared.

Montreal Orthodontics Treatment for Adolescents

Adolescence is the best time for orthodontic treatment because by the age of 11-13 years, baby teeth have generally all been lost and permanent teeth have almost all appeared. This is the ideal time to start correcting problems that cause a bad occlusion or misalignment.

Montreal Orthodontics Treatment for Adults

Montreal Orthodontic treatment for adults is different in two important respects. First, because the development of the adult jaw is complete and second because gum disease is more common in adults. If present, it needs to be controlled before the start of any orthodontic treatment.

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